These top 5 office spaces are sure to inspire, let me tell you why I love them so much!


Accent Wall

Adding an accent wall to any space always brings visual interest, but adding a fully corked wall is a whole new ball game, and perfect for an office space i must add! You can never forget a single thing to do! Add all of your notes, progress, and appointments can be pinned up right next to you. A swivel chair makes adding and removing taks easy! You can even pin up clip boards that have daily tasks clipped to them. Grab Monday’s board and your off.



This office is quiet and ready to work. There is no fuss which makes it a great place to get focused work done. This is perfect for a small space. Love that there is a stool! When you’re done working it can be pushed under the desk and make a clear walking space.


POP of Color

Love that for the most part it is a neural space, using mainly black, white and gold (my personal favorites). The POP of Color coming from pink adds just enough brightness to the space up. Still designed clean and organized but adding just enough visual interest. Layers of art and literature help to make the space feel comfortable and at home when working. The addition of a living room chair and pillow lends to that comfort.


Built Ins

This home office is gorgeous. Built in cabinetry to meet all of your needs. Office storage, and open cabinetry for books, and art. The drawers and cabinets allow this space to be organized, and free of office clutter. File drawers eliminate the need for file and binder holders. This space appears to be off of a kitchen, or hallway tucked into a corner giving you just enough privacy to be productive. All white cabinets allow the space to be bright, and the Flor tile squares add the perfect amount of warmth and color.


Non Conventional

This non conventional approach to an office space happens to be one of my favorites, and one I tend to use often in my own home. Sometimes you need to get out of your everyday office space and work in a new spot. For this space when everything it stored away there is no sign of an office left. I love that! Out of sight, out of mind!


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