This one time I went to the gym.. it was winter.. it was cold.. I wore my favorite winter coat.. I did my run.. I went to leave.. my coat was gone! STOLEN actually.. worst morning ever. Car keys, house keys, favorite coat.. STOLEN, gone with the wind and the cold winter day. The only positive thing that came out of this morning was being able to buy myself a new coat! So heres the one I choose! Vince Camuto, dark navy, faux fur hood interior, with a faux fur collar.. save the animals, and look chic doing it. Winter in New Hampshire meets Olivia and fashion.

Did I mention I added a new white Club Monaco sweater, and gold Cole Haan Original Grand Oxfords to the replacing of the coat venture? Well I did, when you have something taken from you the void is large and it needs to be filled!

Love this Club Monaco sweater! The fringe is too fun! I think a little extra on a basic is just enough to stay on trend, but not have to re-do your entire wardrobe come next year. Club Monaco always has great piece that fit this bill, you can splurge on something  of quality and still get the reliability of being able to wear it the next season, as well as having a bit of fun with your look.

Keep it simple! less is more!


I’ll never get sick of these Cole Haan Wingtip Oxfords! The gold is just what you need when your feeling down, or when your outfit just needs one extra touch of fun! Not always the best option for a New Hampshire winter, but when the day allows it, these are on my feet!

Till next time winter. OPR


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