I’m taking a look back on 2016 and posting my absolute favorite shoes!

On the left we have some leopard Steve Madden flats, which are perfect when you need to get your meow on! On the right are my gold Cole Haan Original Grand Wingtip Oxfords. These take any outfit to the next level. So easy to add with a neutral look, and they are one of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn!

On the left Jack Rogers red and white striped sandals! LOVE these for summer, there is something about wearing patriotic colors in the summer time that I love! I also feel strongly that not everything striped has to be navy and white. On the right are my cream and gold New Balance sneakers. Fashion meets function with these, they are truly adorable, and don’t have that funny wide toe that most sneakers this style have. They are feminine and go with just about everything. Also amazingly comfortable for a long day of shopping!

Lastly on the left my Cole Haan Original Grand Wingtip Oxfords in a copper glitter sparkle. These are truly for fun, and might not go with everything, or be for everyday… but they give off so much personality and I love that! On the right there are my Report sparkle rain booties. These are rubber, but have a stretchy side, so they are for wet days, a quick dog walk, a fall day, to be perfectly honest I wear them all the time when it’s not even raining! The sparkle is imbedded into the rubber so there is never any mess!

I love shoes, till next time OPR


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