Pantone always comes out with a new color every year that they feel is going to influence the fashion and design industry.. and they are usually spot on. This year they have chosen greenery. I am having a little bit of a hard time figuring out how this will fit into the fashion world, as I typically wear neutrals, but… I am loving it’s addition into interior design. Check out my favorite ways to add greenery to your home! All these photos were sourcedĀ from Pinterest!


Well it’s wallpaper wednesday so of course I have to include a wallpaper design in greenery! What I love about this picture is you can take away the wallpaper and just use the pop of cool in the bedding to add in greenery. I personally think this room was done very tastefully, and just having the green pipping on the bedding works well to balance out the wallpapers more intense statement.


This brave soul decided to paint out their book shelves in greenery for a super pop in what looks like to be a study. I think this is may scare most people, but in the right setting, with the right size room it works beautifully. Having a window near the color helps to pair it back to nature itself and gives its a more cohesive feeling.


I am sure not everyone has a full bar in their home, but if your one of the lucky ones you can deck it out with these lovely velvet bar chairs! If your not you can add a version of these at your kitchen counter, or use the same tone in an arm chair in your living room. I love the combination of the black and gold! Very old world hollywood.


Lastly you can always use this color in any living room furniture or decor. If you don’t want to commit to a massive change and buy a greenery couch, you can add the color in with some throw pillows or a comfortable throw blanket! I love how this picture shoes it being used in vases, flower arrangements, and even stacked books. The options are endless!

So whether it’s your favorite color, or just something fun to stay on trend, try a little greenery in your life and see how you like it!

Till next time OPR


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