Snow shoe gear!


One of my favorite things about living in New Hampshire is how close we live on the seacoast and we are so close to the beach. I can be there in less than 10 minutes! It’s even better on a winter day when you can take a walk and hear the tranquil sounds of the water. It’s almost better to enjoy in the winter months because there is usually no one there, and you get to enjoy the sounds in complete silence, it’s so relaxing!


Where the sand meets the snow. A perfect place to sit and relax.


The walk is much more enjoyable when I know ill be warm. These Hestra leather mittens are beyond comfortable, and extremely warm. I also love how they have an elastic wrist band so you can never lose them. If you need to take off your mitten to take selfie, or capture an amazing photo they just dangle down on your wrist.


My husband and I take our snow shoes to Odiorne Point in Rye, NH. It is a State Park that has multiple trails in the woods, but another trail that follows the coast line. We explore all areas of the Park, and even try to find epic hills to walk down! You can pretty much go anywhere is snow shoes, because they have little spikes on the bottom to give you traction. Snow, ice, scrubs, you just stomp right through it all!


Gorgeous seacoast sunset!

Until next time. XOXO OPR


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