So everyone has been telling me to order from Asos, and I never did. I thought it was just some run of the mill cheap but fashionable mass produced website with trendy looks for reasonable prices. I wrote it off to being poor quality and to everything looking different in person than it had online. Well I finally caved and ordered this top, and I’m telling you I was totally wrong! I love the sight, you can use the search features to find exactly the type of item your looking for, the size guides are dead on, and the shipping and returns are free, which I LOVE!


My favorite thing about this top is that it’s light weight, and to me that makes it perfect for spring and summer. I can easily style it with jeans as I have here, or pair with shorts on and it will still work. I can’t wait for Labor Day so I can pull out my white jeans and pair it with those! The peplum is at the bottom of the top, so it’s a step up from a basic T, which allows your look to be more put together without risking your comfort.


I’m falling in love with gingham this season, but for me the small pattern is better. I always feel like gingham in a larger pattern makes me feel like a farmer. Just me!


Also love these BCBG slip on wedges, they always go with everything I have. the heal is a light light tight woven orange, and are a tiny bonus to most any outfit.


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