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This weekend my husband and I went to Stonewall Kitchen in York, ME. Luckily for us living on the seacoast we are so close to Maine, and get to visit all the places on the Maine seacoast frequently! It takes us only 20 minutes to get to the Stonewall Kitchen, and it’s always such a fun place to go. You can taste taste everything they sell, get to see the beautiful gardens, grab lunch at their cafe, and are always privileged with a much bigger assortment of sale items! Everything purchased in my photo above was on sale with the exception of the pancake mix.


There was a huge display of all Blueberry themed items, all of these were on sale, and they had the most adorable plates, mugs, and platters perfect for entertaining guest in the summer! I have to say the blueberry soap smelled amazing, and would be perfect for a kitchen hand soap!


The other thing I really like about going to this location specifically is all the gadgets they sell. You aren’t just shopping for their food products, but you can find some great kitchen tools, and cook books, and fun little gifts too! Their assortment is so much more developed because the location is about 10 times as big as their average store.


I was so excited to find these adorable matches, I love how they are in a decorative match box.  I had been looking for a set specifically to leave out on the bathroom counter, I think these look perfect! Also this little whale dish is the perfect used match tray, I mean really could this be cuter?


I was shocked they were able to fit all my goodies into one small bag! The cashier must have a lot of practice fitting the bags just right. After we paid we stopped at the cafe!


This giant chocolate chip cookie was obviously the best option for a post breakfast, pre lunch snack! Too bad I had to share it with my husband.


Loved walking through their garden area, they have a birch tree arbor path way, that features lush plants and herbs. LOVED IT!


I also loved breaking in my new Vans Authentic sneakers in birch! so comfortable and the perfect go to sneaker for everyday! There isn’t much they don’t go with.



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