Ruffles By Zara



I am obsessed with white tops, I can’t get enough of them. Every day, every season, every outfit. I just love them! It doesn’t even bother me that 90% of the time I have to use stain remover on them for always getting a spot somewhere.


This white top is a particular favorite of mine, I love the double ruffle going down the front and back. The front features a colorful striping of gems in the middle of the ruffle, which is perfect because it pretty much goes with anything.


I also have been getting some major use out of this J.Crew lemons bandana scarf. Although I have yet to wear it as a scarf or a bandana. I love it tied to my Ralph Lauren blue leather cross body! It’s such a fun pop, and it is easy enough to wear as a bracelet too. I was thinking of wearing it as a head band.. What do you think?



Another moment in my gold Top Shop sandals. My favorite thing to do is get a go to shoe for each season and wear them over and over and over. I often do the same with my handbags, I wear them everyday or the season, then I know I’ve gotten my moneys worth! I always take an item divide it by the number of times I figure I would wear/ use it, and then I factor that by the cost. If something is $20 and I wear it 20 times before it’s replaced. It was $1 for each time wearing it, i’d say thats a deal! It’s more helpful when it comes to higher end items, it really makes me step back and wonder if something is worth adding an item into my wardrobe!

Try my tip next time your debating any new purchase. XOXO OPR



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