Peach Festival at Applecrest Farm | Hampton Falls, NH



My husband and I went to Applecrest Farm for Peach Festival on Sunday. I was surprised at how many people were there picking peaches in the orchards, they had pick your own for peaches, blueberries, and apples. We opted out of pick your own and bought some from the market instead. Pick your own would be fun for a family or a group activity, but how many peaches do we really need? It seems foolish to pay for pick your own and only pick 5-6 peaches, but it would be a great activity for a family.


We bought a couple white peaches and a couple regular peaches. Both very delicious!


We also bought a jug of peach cider! I am having my 30th birthday soon, and I thought it would be a great addition to the theme, Alice in Wonderland! I wanted to do a champagne cocktail, so I thought this peach cider with champagne would be the perfect treat for my guests!


This board also inspired me to be creative with my mock and cocktails for the party. How yummy would a frozen lemonade be!


There was the option to eat outside, at the grill and have burgers, hot dogs, sausage, and even grilled corn on the cob. We chose to eat at the restaurant they have inside the market, and it was delicious! Of course I had to get a latte!


My husband ordered the pulled pork sandwich, it was so tender!


Since it was still the brunch menu I decided on Benedict. It’s becoming my go to brunch choice. This one was made with biscuits and collard greens, then sausage and an egg. The collard greens were out of this world! I am officially obsessed, and this was my first time ever having them! So many potatoes so little stomach room. I brought them home to warmed up on the grill to add on to our dinner.


The farm always has such gorgeous plats to buy right when you walk up to the entrance, it’s a great ways to display them, and also makes it such a welcoming way to enter the market. I am so looking forward to fall plants, and decorating for the season!


They also have a cut your own flowers section at the farm, which I think is adorable! Who wouldn’t want to make a unique wild flower bouquet for someone?


I always have such a nice time when I go to Applecrest, it is very welcoming, and feels so relaxed. There is so much to do if your looking for little activities, but it is also great just to stop in for some fresh produce and a coffee!


This trip we were all about peaches. We had our lunch, picked a few peaches, grabbed a peach cider and headed on our way home.

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Until next time XOXO OPR


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