JUMPsuiting into the Weekend


I don’t know what it is about this jumpsuit, but I live for it! Its comfortable everywhere, it’s loose in the right spots and form fitting in the others. It is checking off all the right boxes, and is the most soft and comfortable fabric you can imagine! Loft you really did it with this one! Is one of my favorite pieces of the season!


I also love how it has pockets, because who doesn’t love a good pocket! There is a such a nice detail at the waist band, it has the smallest pleats, and thin banding of fabric around the waist to give the perfect shape!


I love the sweet detail of the lotus flower, and the little ruffle along the straps that cross in the back. It has a small bit of that ruffle right at the neckline, which is so flattering.


The jumpsuit is an ankle length which allows you to show off some amazing shoes! These  soft gold wedges are from Loft as well, and have been my go to summer wedge! the fun about this jumpsuit is it can dressed up with wedges or heels, or worn more casually with a pair of flip flops. I love pairing it with Jack Rogers for a more causal look. I also think it would be adorable with a straw hat, or fedora! Perhaps i’ll wear it style like that this weekend!


Lighting might not always be perfect, your pose might not always be perfect, but when your wearing this jumpsuit, your perfect!!



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