How to | Style A Bar Cart


There are so many ways to style a bar cart, and it is really very easy. It’s as easy as pulling a bunch of different things from your home that you already have, and pairing them all together.

The top 10 things I suggest using that most people already have:

  1. Bart cart (this may be the one thing most people don’t have lying around the house) if thats the case you can find one at a yard sale, vintage market, or any home decor store. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on the cart, its all about the styling.
  2. Books. Fun cocktail books, or hostess and design books. It’s all about what you have, and what vibe you are going for. I used an Anthropologie cocktail recipe book, a Kate Spade hostess book, and a Tory Burch lifestyle book. This has interior design, travel, cocktail recipes, hostessing tips, etc. They are all a great mix for the bar cart.
  3. Pretty Glassware, or mugs. Here I have Moscow mule mugs. I love the copper tone, and they are always a crowd pleaser.
  4. Cocktail napkins. Choose something with a fun saying, it brings whimsy to your cart, and if perfect for a party!
  5. Something unique. My little gold pineapple is the perfect addition to the cart.
  6. A basket to keep all of your bar accessories in. Wine coasters, openers, stoppers, matches for candles, shakers, candles, anything you want to keep in your entertaining finger tips. These baskets are from an outdoor market in Massachusetts that my husband and I went to, The Brimfield Antique show. They are vintage locker baskets. So fun!
  7.  Art. Whether it be a photo, or a saying so form of art brings interest to your cart. This Dinner is Poured is perfect for a wine and cheese party!
  8. Something living. I love to add fresh flowers right before our guest arrive, it brings another layer to the cart full of wood, metal and glass. If I don’t add flowers, I will add a bowl of lemons or limes, whichever is paring with the cocktail of the night.
  9. Interesting Bottles. Add them to the cart prior to entertaining, wine bottles, vodka, gin, and your mixers. Lines up bottles of Perrier or LaCroix cans now you have a one stop shop.
  10. Candle. Add an interesting candle that matches the look of your cart. I chose this brass candle to keep on theme of mixed metals.

Now see how I pulled it all together! Remember these are my top suggestions, but if you don’t have something listed be creative and find something else that works. Other choices can be:

Ice bucket, champagne or wine coaster, cocktail tray, fun paper straws, a game you use when you have friends over, a deck of cards, a lamp, etc.


Bar Cart


Decorative Books


Pretty Glassware or Mugs


Cocktail Napkins


Something Unique


A Basket




Before your guests arrive add something living, interesting bottles, and mixers. Oh and don’t forget to light your candle!



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