Embrace Seagulls . Pirates Cove Beach | Rye, NH


When you live only 2 minutes from the beach it’s hard to sit inside on a nice day. A walk is always in the back of your mind. The cool breeze off the ocean, the wet sand on your feet, the sun beaming down giving your warmth, the sound of crashing waves… it’s so gorgeous and peaceful I think I should go there now!


I have decided to implement more walking into my life. It’s a great way to stay active while relaxing at the same time. There is something about being outside that just relaxes me. Well of course not when I’m being bite by bugs and itchy, but 99% of the time I’m in a relaxed state of mind. I am going to try and walk the beach in my home town 3 times a week… isn’t that crazy, theres a beach in my home town, its required that I take advantage of it!


These Nikes have been through the ringer, yet they still look brand new! These were a custom made pair that I did to get myself motivated for the gym. I wore them running, to classes, and for strength training. The bright colors kept me excited and I had the tongues customized to say bikini on one and season on the other! Now that will keep you motivated! They ¬†became worn out and were moved down in ranking to “doing things” sneakers. I wear them in the yard doing work, watering my flowers, walking the beach.. and thing the consists of getting dirty or sandy. Then I wash them every now and then to keep the color looking bright!


Love these laser cut Lululemon capris, they are so comfortable and have elevated a basic black legging with their fun design on the calf.


3 Cheers for this Gap Fit tank, love that its open in the back for when you need a little extra cool down, but is long enough so that it can be tied so you aren’t revealing too much while at the gym. Best part, it’s beyond soft, and comes in many colors!


A new favorite addition to my casual life wardrobe is this Harding Lane needlepoint seagull hat, I bought this at Sault New England in Downtown Portsmouth. Seagulls are annoying yes, but this guy is as cute as this hat, and you know me, always protect your face! I ¬†am always grabbing my VINEYARD sweatshirt to throw over any casual look when it’s a bit cold and I need something a little extra.


This guys trying to jack my swagger.


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