I know the days are beginning to get a little colder, and the sun it setting earlier and earlier. For that it’s time to implement a go to Pre Winter personal care routine. I have worked out this plan, and have committed myself to doing this routine each night before bed. Here’s the plan and the products I plan to use for it!

An overall theme of healthy skin
I plan to:
Use this baby oil, yes baby oil to keep my skin moisturized and smooth. I currently use this after every shower in the morning, but for the colder months I will be applying before I get into my pajamas as well.
I will continue my use of this face cream, it is already part of my nightly routine.
I will continue to take this vitamin E supplement, and add in this vitamin C supplement. Let’s avoid all the colds!
I will apply this cuticle oil to all cuticles fingers and toes and allow it to soak in naturally.
I will use this foot balm and apply it to all areas of my feet, and then add a pot of socks to lock in the moisture!

I know this appears to be a lot, but I have been doing this for about s week now, and once you have all of your products in the bathroom together you can easily get it done in just a few minutes. You don’t have to worry about everything being done in a perfect manor, just slap it all one and head to bed! Your winter skin will thank you for copying me!


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