Odiorne Point State Park | Rye, NH



My dad was visiting from Connecticut to help us with some things in our house, and we tried to take advantage of the local scenery as much as we possibly could! We tried walking the beach one morning, but because it was so windy we had to leave. On Sunday we walked Odiorne Point, we love walking here because there is a combination of trails in the woods, and beach walking. Depending on the path you take you end up on either the beach side, or the trail side.


We started out walking on the trails, and worked our way through to the beach. It was such a nice day, and started to get hot towards the end of the walk, so it was nice to be on the trails where you had more tree covering from the bright hot sun.


We saw this really cool tree on the beach side. It looks like it was struck by lighting.


What we love about this walk is that you can come at anytime of the year. In the winter we bring our snow shoes and head through for hours. It’s a great way to get some fresh air and exercise during the colder months. We always see people with their cross country skis too!


The park says that animals are prohibited, but we always see dogs there. It makes me a little mad because we abide by the rules and don’t take our dog, and then we arrive and see at least 5 dogs every time. That always makes me feel sad for my dog who is sitting at home because his parents followed the rules. We did encounter one dog who was off its leash, and running through the ocean and sand, and then tried running over to us. Thankfully it was trained and the owner told it not to jump. If it had we would have been covered in wet dog, and beach sand….ew…


The beautiful view of the ocean never gets old, I could go there everyday and I’d still have to take a picture of it!


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