Fabric upholstered headboards


I am fully obsessed with fabric upholstered headboards, and even more obsessed with the ones in a pattern! I have these new addiction to pattern on pattern, I love the look of all the layering colors and patterns, and the different details you see if them all.


My current obsessed to this has played out in patterned headboards with mixed print throw pillows. I can’t get enough, I could spend my entire day looking at them on Pinterest. That is where I found all of these great photos! Head over to my page to see all of my design favorites under my board home. There is a link at the bottom of my blog that take you directly to my Pinterest page!


This headboard is in one of my favorite colors, emerald. And I love the combination of the black onyx pillow fabric. I think this is the perfect combination of a floral pattern and a geometric pattern. You can get a modern look with a hint of classic when you combine these two styles. I love how the headboard fabric is done in a vertical tufting pattern, it draws your eye up, and will help to make a space appear larger.


Now this is the perfect example of pattern on pattern, and I love it! You have the first layer of patterned wallpaper, the second layer of the striped headboard, and the third layer with the floral pillows. I would mimic this look in my own home in a heartbeat, but I don’t think I would get my husbands approval. Maybe I should do it when he’s not home! Can I install wallpaper by myself?? Doubtful.


This is a great pattern on pattern style but done in a much more subtle way. The beach grass wallpaper is so simple and very timeless. The colors are soothing and gentle, which compliments the vanity design on the fabric on the headboard. It’s a simple floral pattern with a little bold pipping on the edges. I love it paired with a simple white duvet and pillow cover with just a small striped boarder.

I have a gorgeous hydrangea patterned headboard in my guest room that I absolutely adore! I plan to do a post about my home in the near future, and you can get a peak of it them! Stay tuned!


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