Welcoming October


Hello October, how nice of you to let us have some sun today! With the past few days being cold, gloomy, and full of rain, it feels good to be outside enjoying to October air. Of course we went to the beach! The breeze is gorgeous there, and it was the perfect place to use my brand new camera for the first time. What place could give you a better view?


Of course it was a little bit cool still, so I had to wear my new favorite accessory, my Zara scarf! I am completely obsessed with it, and for good reason. It’s over sized, soft as butter, and the perfect color to match any outfit!



This scarf can be worn as a scarf, wrapped, multiple times around the neck, worn as a shawl, a cape, or used as a blanket! It’s the perfect addition to every wardrobe, and has a special place in my heart!


I also have a special place in my heart for this Banana Republic felt hat. I love the dark navy color, and even better the price, I bought this on mega sale and I can already tell you it’s going to be worn multiple times this season.


I am pairing these two accessories with a gorgeous pair of satin pants from Anthropologie. They are so silky soft, and make for an easy weekend outfit. They are so chic looking with the stripe down the side, but feel like your are in pajamas! It’s a win win if you ask me! I also bought these one MEGA sale, so if your lucky enough to snag the same pair, I highly recommend you doing so.


I’d say my photographer did a great job with the new camera, what do you guys think?







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