Urban Forestry Center


I don’t know what it is about this place, but my dog absolutely loves it! As soon as we pull in he gets crazy and is dying to jump out of the car and sniff everything!


It’s such a nice walk to take at night after dinner right before the sun fully sets. I love how your walk is interactive. When you arrive there is a mail box that has a list of all the trees, and their coordinating numbers. This allows you to walk the paths and see what each tree is. There is also a list for wild flowers that you can discover as well.


I love taking the dog here because he can be free to sniff around and do his thing, and I don’t have to worry about him getting lost, or near a road. The pathways are very obvious and the over grown nature makes for an easy barrier for curious pups.


We also let him walk himself, perhaps that why he loves it so much! We let go of the leash and allow him to do his thing, if he gets off track or another dog is near us I will grab the leash to keep him close. I don’t feel comfortable letting him off leash because as you can see in this picture he gets really excited and starts to run off! I had to chase him down to make sure he didn’t get too far from us!




This tree is changing colors, and look gorgeous. Love seeing nature in fall!





This area that we walked in tonight is the area close to the entrance, it is more of a running, walking path as it has the gravel in the pathways. The ones I was mentioning before with the overgrown nature is a grass path, that is maintained and cut short so there is an obvious walking area. This gravel path area is a great after dinner walk and can be done in about 30 minutes, so it’s great for a quick outing for the dog when we are racing against the sunsetting.







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