Apple Harvest Day


This weekend we went to Apple Harvest Day in Dover, NH. Our cousins live there, and they had gone last year and said it was super fun. We all decided to sign up for the 5K that happens in the morning before the festivities begin.


The race was fun, while you go through the center of town for part of it, the majority of the race is through the neighborhoods. I loved seeing all the house designs and decorations for autumn. We also went past this farm where I was able to take a picture of these cows all lined up. So many people sat outside to cheer you on during the race. Even little kids came out and were screaming for you.




At the finish line there are waters and bananas, they even had bagels and cream cheese.


Once we finished we went into the center of town where there are hundreds of tent of different stores, and artisans, artwork and food etc. that you can walk through and purchase from.


I also snagged two little trees for free! Can’t wait to plant them and watch them grow!


There was also an area for kids that had a little petting zoo. We saw this big guy at the start of it welcoming you in. I gave him a pet!



After walking around and doing an little petting we had to eat! There were tons of places to chose from. Most were your basic fair/carnival food, but there were two gourmet trucks. One was the Terra-cotta Past Company, and the other I can’t remember the name of, but it was a creole, and cajun food.


We ended up doing half and half, by sharing this pulled brisket po boy, and of course chicken and fries!



We were tempted to get a soda from the Wild Bills Old Fashion Fountain, but when we realized they were $16-$25 we decided not to. Although I will say you did get to chose a stainless steel or copper mug that can be reused, and that included unlimited refills, but lets be honest we just want a little taste, we aren’t soda drinkers.

Overall we had an amazing day, and we have already decided we are 100% doing it all again next year! We had so much fun!

Check out Apple Harvest Day here, and stay tuned for next years event details!



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