Croc Pot : Beef and Brocoli

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When I don’t feel like cooking, but I know my husband and I need to eat, I turn to my croc pot! It’s a life saver! This recipe for beef and brocolli is so effortless, and is 100% a crowd pleaser. It’s so easy you only need these few ingredients and a croc pot to make it.


I took the super easy way out and bought already marinated steak tips from Trader Joe’s.


I also bought broccoli florets so I didn’t have to even cut up a head of broccoli. Like I mentioned before, this is super easy!


Make sure to rinse your broccoli first and then put it into your croc pot.


Then you cut open the package of steak tips and pour them over the broccoli.


After that you pour in half a container of broth. I used chicken, because thats all we had. You can use whichever kind you like best. I have made this with beef broth, and vegetable broth as well, they all turn out great!


I dashed in a little bit of low sodium soy sauce for extra flavor.


Then closed it up for 8 hours on low, and served this with rice noddles. The last time I made it I served it with rice, but since we didn’t have any quick cook rice, and I didn’t want to cook at all, I decided waiting 4 minutes for the rice noodles was much easier than waiting the 40 minutes of the rice to cook. Easy way out, but thats what the croc pot is all about! Being lazy wins, and you still have smiles at the dinner table!

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Let me know how you like it! Don’t forget if you don’t have a Trader Joe’s or would rather not used premartinated meat, buy steak tips, and add a bit of teriyaki marinade!

Shopping list:
Steak Tips
Broccoli florets
Soy sauce
Teriyaki marinade
Your favorite broth
Quick rice or rice noodles



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