Figs on Charles St. Beacon Hill, MA


This weekend we were in Boston for the day and we went to Beacon Hill to have a little early dinner before hitting the road. We went to Figs on Charles St. It is a delicious little gourmet pizzeria, and trust me little is an understatement.


We were smart to go early and get a table right away, the last time we were there we waited 45 minutes to get a table! Of course when you are seated you are given bread and oil, and this bread tastes like it was baked with pesto on top of it! So delicious!


There are so many choices of pizzas, and they are all delicious in my opinion. It’s so hard to decide what to get, but luckily you can order half of this and half of that. We opted to try the roasted chicken, caramelized onion, pesto with provolone for one half.

IMG_1316.JPEG And of course we choose the Calamari Pizza for the other half, its out favorite. It’s a vodka sauce with arugula and crispy calamari on top! It’s beyond good!


Beacon Hill is a great place to spend the day, Charles St. is full of adorable little shops, and restaurants. It has a small town vibe in a big city, and it feels very cozy and unique.



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