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My Stitch Fix box arrived and I’m going to give you the run down on all the items in the box. I tried everything on during my Insta story so you can see that all there. The box arrives and has 3 steps to follow in order to shop from your Stitch Fix box.


Everything Is packaged very nicely, with the shipping return bag ready to go for anything you are not interested in keeping. You also have a small envelope that has a price list, and a suggested ways to wear it lay out for each piece.


This shirt was a light sweat shirt material with a lace up feature on the neck. It was not something I was typically wear, and I felt that fabric was soft, but not that great. It was something that I felt would fall apart after a few washes. This item was $38 and I returned it because it was not at all my style, and just didn’t appeal to me. The sizing was accurate, so I felt that was a plus as that was one of my biggest worries going into try this program.



This was a mid length gray open front cardigan. It was very soft, and very comfortable, it fit perfectly, and was a great quality. I already have two grey cardigans that are very similar to this, so I felt it wasn’t something I needed, but if I hadn’t already had the others I would have kept this item. It was $42



The next item was a light weight sweater type dress. It was extremely soft, and a nice color, but the cut outs in the shoulder are not my style at all, and I felt it was too trendy. I also asked to not have dresses sent in my boxes, so I was surprised they sent me one. I did not keep this piece as it wasn’t my style, was way over priced at $68 , and I felt this was something that could be found in a T.J. Maxx for $15.



The next item was this chambray top, which I chose to keep. It was very soft, fit great, and is a great piece to keep in your wardrobe. It was the only thing besides the grey cardigan that I felt was what I had asked for. I will say that if it wasn’t for me having a gift card I would have no purchased this as I felt the price of $88 was far too much.


Lastly I received these boyfriend style jeans. I had asked for something that had a bit of distressing in them, these came with no distressing at all. They were also a blackish grey tone which was a really funny color, and my husband said were nasty looking. They were soft, and had a good fit, but I also felt they were over priced at $94

So sadly my experience with Stitch Fix was not a good one, I felt they did not meet the expectation for style, but nailed the sizing. They had more trendy and casual clothing which was something I said I didn’t want, and less classic, and preppy styled clothes which is what I had asked for. I also felt everything was extremely over priced with the exception of the grey cardigan.  I would say I 85% won’t be giving it another try.

The only reason I’m not saying 100% not trying it again is because after your fix arrives you can go to your profile online and review everything you felt about the clothes. Now that I have done that perhaps they will get it right on the second try? I’m not sure what I will do, but I will keep you in the loop if I do give it another go.



  1. Oh yes I never saw a message, but thank for reaching out again. I will keep you in mind for the future. I visited your site so I have a better idea of what you offer. Thanks again!

  2. Hey Olivia, I tried reaching you some time ago about a collab but never heard anything back to you. Thought I’d try again via the comments as my mail perhaps didn’t reach you. If you’re open for collabs I’d love to get in touch with you. Feel free to write directly to my email if you’re interested. Thanks 🙂

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