LL. Bean Freeport, ME

This weekend we drove up to Freeport Maine on Saturday and had the best time exploring the town and especially the LL. Bean grounds. It’s so expansive with the cutest landscaping and design, and of course we took a picture of the gigantic boot!


It was a gorgeous fall day with a little breeze, and the sun shining down. I was glad to have my oversized scarf on as it was a bit cold when we first arrive. There was something so nice about being there, it was calm and peaceful and there were a lot of people shopping, but there wasn’t that aggressive hustle that you would expect from a day out shopping. It was like the magic of being there made everyone calm.


When we first walked into the store there was a ton of tents set up, and some of them were huge! I think this one has a front porch that was screen on the sides, a backroom that was able to sleep 4, and then a additional room in the back for another 4 people.



Inside the staircases they have all these vintage LL. Bean items hanging off to the sides. here there was a canoe, and fishing rods. In another stair well there were sets of old boots, and mittens hanging with vintage snow shoes.


They also have this pond inside that has fish in it, there was a little girl on the rocks looking into the water. Her dad was right near her but at one point we thought she was going in for sure, I was nervous for her!


They has special display cases that had ultra vintage pieces in them. These you weren’t able to touch, so I did my best to get some pictures of them through the glass.


How cute are these little bean boots. So precious.


So many things happening on their grounds, but the most iconic thing is the gigantic boot they have right outside. It says not to climb on it, but so many people get on top and take a picture. There was a line of kids waiting to do their photos, so I quickly snapped on when no one was on it, and opted out of getting my photo with the boot this time. I didn’t want to stand in line with the little guys, it felt a bit awkward.


But like I said the grounds at LL. Bean are amazing. They have their landscaping perfectly on point, and all the buildings are so well maintained.


There was a cute little area on the side of the building that had all of the wind chimes hanging down, it was nice to hear them all at the same time with the wind blowing by. I love the one on the end that is the little Christmas tree. We have a few of them at our house and they sound so nice when the wind blows by.


They are putting up a structure for their Northern Lights Celebration, that begins November 17th and is up until December 31st. We went last year and it was great, I think we will go again this year because it’s so beautiful at night. They have a million little Christmas trees up on the grounds and they are all lite up, they have Santa’s workshop in the red barn, and Reindeer you can pet. It’s perfect for kids, but I loved it myself, it gets you into the spirit of Christmas.


They also have these statues at every parking area so you have an easier time finding your parking lot. All of them are named after an animal, and we were in the Beat Lot so this was our way finding statue.



They also had this adorable little area that had these smaller cabins for kids to go into, There were probably 4-5 but I was only able to get this picture since the rest were occupied by little playing, I didn’t want to be taking pictures of them because thats just weird. They were very cute and had these lights hanging from the trees to make it more cozy at night time. It was adorable.


This is a map of entire downtown Freeport area. All of the parking is free, and there are so many great shops to go into, as well as restaurants. Stayed tuned because I have an amazing restaurant post coming to the blog this week! I would highly recommend taking a trip up to see everything. If your a local follower it’s just an extra 20 minutes from Portland Maine. The drive is easy and was really enjoyable this time of year to see all the changing leaves. It comes highly recommended by me!



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