Tuscan Brick Oven Bistro


The Tuscan Brick Oven Bistro in Freeport, ME is possibly my new favorite restaurant! The atmosphere was so cozy, it felt like we were eating at home in the dining room. It also had the most delicious food! I will be convincing my husband to go back very soon, although I don’t think it will take much convincing as he loved it too!


They have an adorable patio with string lights, which I am sure is fun to sit out on if it was a warmer day, we opted to eat inside! Though we did see two groups eat outside because they have their pets with them.


It has such a cozy rustic vibe inside, with oversized lighting, reclaimed wood beans, industrial lighting, and plush seating.


In the entry there are much velvet sectionals you can sit at to enjoy a cocktail or hot beverage while you wait for your table.


It would also be a great place to get some appetizers and cocktails before exploring the rest of the town!


Our table had this oversized love seat couch with plush pillows and an oversized leather wing back chair on rollers to make it easy to get in and out of the table. I felt so comfortable and relaxed.


The menu was expansive with many options, we were hoping to try one of everything, but sadly it wasn’t in the budget, and probably not in the stomach capacity.


It was a hard choice at first, but then when I saw the Caprese sandwich I knew I wanted that! It comes either cold or I asked for it to be made as a panini because I wanted it warm and have the cheese a bit melted! It was amazing.


We started with the calamari, and this was life changing. It was so lightly fired, and had calamari, pepperoncinis, zucchini, and artichokes with a little tomato and olive warm salsa, drizzles with a balsamic reduction, and sprinkled with parmesan cheese. I mean really, I could have had this all to myself and called it lunch!



But then this came out!


And I only ate half, because what do you think I am? I took the other half home for dinner, and I was so happy when I smelled it warming up in the oven!


There was this amazing textured wall covering all over that was detailed with browns and blacks and gold, I wish I could have got a better picture because it was gorgeous. Also can we talk about these lights? It was so cozy and I loved it here! My new favorite like I said we will defiantly be going back soon! And I saw these women drinking an Autumn Sangria, which looked so yummy! Next time we go i’ll be getting one, but it was early in the day and I felt funny to order one with my lunch.. But whatever I should have just done it, as my Dad always says YOLO.


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