Falling in love with Ponte Pants

I have always been a big fan of Ponte Pants, but this year they are so good that the obsession for them has grown! They are the perfect way to get away with wearing something super comfortable, but looking great and put together! They are a thicker legging and typically have some bit of detailing to them. I do have a few pairs from last year that are just straight Ponte pants no details, basic black and grey pair, but like I said this year they are on fire and there are so many amazing designs with the cutest details!


I love this cargo style, They are a dark olive green which is so perfect for fall and winter fashion, they are a neutral in their own right because they can pretty much be paired with any color, and have the cutest details. I love the seam that runs down the front of the leg, the larger cargo style pocket on the side, and the zipper pockets at the waist. They truly feel like a trouser pant, but are a legging style.


I love them paired with this black and white gingham top from H & M. It’s so soft and comfortable, and has the cutest little ruffle detail on the shoulder.


I wore this great North Face vest that is also perfect for the fall season, It’s a great piece to have to transition into colder days with, I love the tight quilted pattern, which makes the vest warm, but helps it to not be puffy and oversized.


These authentic birch Vans have become such a go to for me. They are a casual shoe that has a slight bit of a tailored look to them, so they pair great with almost everything I own. They are also very comfortable to walk in all day, and wear for long periods of time on your feet. I love the birch color because the bright white can sometimes be too intense for me. I just saw that they are now doing an entire line in blush pink and I am going to have to snag a pair in the blush tone! They are so cute! Stayed tuned for those!



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