Tomato Soup


These few ingredients are going to make a delicious tomato soup, that takes no time!

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You need a large pot on medium heat.

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Chop up one medium sized onion and drizzle in about a teaspoon of olive oil. Cook these onions down until they are translucent and softened up. Once thats achieved turn your heat down to low.

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Now add in one large can of pureed or diced tomatoes. I typically use diced, but I only had purred so that works too! If you like smoother soups go with pureed, but if you are into a more chunky soup add diced!

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Pour in one bottle of tomato juice!

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Squeeze in about a tablespoon of the tubed Italian herbs I always use! Add salt and pepper to taste!


Now add in one cup of sherry cooking wine, this is going to take your soup to the next level and make it so delicious! Now you mix it all together, and let it simmer for about 20 minutes to get all the flavors blended together.

In this souped you have options, you can cook it really fast on the stove, or add all these ingredients to your croc pot and leave it for the day while you are at work. I have made this before with a ton of different cut up veggies and it has been delicious. If you add a few chicken breasts when cooking in the croc pot the pieces with fall apart and you can make a pulled chicken soup! Add in some corn and black beans and it’s delicious! This is great just as a basic tomato soup, but can be a base for whatever creative twist you want to add to it!


I served my soup with a corn bread skillet, it was as easy as one cast iron skillet, two boxes Jiff corn bread mix, in the oven for 20 minutes! YUM!

1 Bottle tomato juice
1 Large can pureed or diced tomato
1 Medium onion
Italian herbs tube
Sherry cooking wine


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