It’s that time of year, and everyone is getting overly prepared for the holidays. There are decorations already in every store you go into, and many homes already decorated with trees, and garland, and lights, and it’s not even Thanksgiving! This post is a mere inspiration to what you can use to decorate your tree this holiday season, but only after you have eaten your Thanksgiving meal!


This tree is clearly for the dogs in your family! There are so many great little toys for them to play with, and although I don’t think many people would decorate their tree in all dog toys, they may decorate with these classic holiday colors, and use some woodland creatures, and teddy bears, and candy canes to make their tree tell a story.


Heres the perfect example of little woodland creatures. There are polar bears, and lambs, and hedge hogs, and raccoons. I see little snowman and a walrus and gnomes. They are all adorable, and make the perfect combination together.


This tree is very coastal and LL.Bean inspired. There are canoes, and lobsters, and little baskets of blueberries all mixed with little light houses and vintage buses and seagulls!


There is a large variety of creative ornaments, to help you branch out this year, and try a new theme for your tree!


They also have some gorgeous stockings, and great things to stuff them with too!


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