Thanksgiving Tablescape


I know that Thanksgiving holiday has passed, and my tablescape post is a bit late, but don’t they say better late than never?

I also wanted to share this now with you because we are coming up on more holidays and I think this can be a great inspiration for you in planning your next gathering with family and friends.


One thing I can’t stress enough to anyone planning a holiday table setting is to make sure your center piece is not too high. If there are obstructions from one end of the table to the other it is very hard for people to communicate and enjoy one another. Using candles is a great way to get the grand feeling you are after, but allowing for more clear sight lines. The candle sticks are thin and separated which makes for a better choice than a large flower arrangement or larger thicker candles that can be too overwhelming. If you want to have something with flowers, make sure they are low and scatter down the table.


This idea is a mix of both. I have a large piece of garland threaded through a candle stick center piece. This piece is perfect to dress up with garland, flowers, fresh fruit, little woodland creatures or Santa figurines, whatever you like! It is a great piece to have because it can be used for so many holidays, and is beautiful all ready round!


For the holidays I always start with a beautiful runner, this one is a bit shimmery with a little speck of a muted gold, it’s not over the top, and there is no glitter! I have this problem with glitter, it’s a mess! This runner is perfect to take you from Thanksgiving all the way to New Years! Sometimes neutral is the best choice because it’s more versatile.

I am also a firm believer in using white dishes, they will match with anything you have going on, and they allow the food to make the statement! I also love to serve in all white! Having a style and sticking with it is very much something I am into. You will always have your food as the feature, not the designs on your platters. It’s very classy and very clean! I love it!


Now for the napkins. They are neutral and versatile. When your hosting a big holiday I think it’s a great idea to do a cloth napkin, but I totally understand that if you are hosting a large group that can be a little hard. In that case here is where you can have a little fun. There are so many great party napkins at home goods, and other fun shops throughout the holiday season. These design can allow you to bring a little flare to your table. It’s budget friendly to keep your base neutral so you can take it from holiday to holiday and year to year, but If you add in small fun details to change up each theme you can spend very little money, but make each table feel unique.


I love laying the napkin over the plates and placing a smaller plate or bowl over the top of it. You can do this with a charger and a dinner plate as well. Lastly I think it’s key to have something fun for everyone when they sit down, a take away, or a small treat! These holiday crackers are so fun, and come in so many great themes and designs. I chose these little pilgrims because they came with adorable woodland creature key chains. Everyone loved them! They also had paper crowns, and Thanksgiving themed jokes in them. They are perfect to get everyone laughing! For Christmas you can do a Christmas cracker, or a beautiful ornament, or a tasty treat that can be taken home with your guest!




Oh I also added some fresh pomegranates on either end of the table just to give it an extra splash of Thanksgiving!


And these adorable name cards that I saved to reuse for next year!



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