Every New Years Eve people make goals of how their going to improve themselves in the coming year. This year I decided to spin it a bit and make a list of things that I was planning to leave behind in 2017. There are so many bad habits that can become a routine, and I felt like it was time to leave some of them behind with the passing year. I also wore this sweatshirt all night, to make sure the new year was going to be so good! I also have it on today!

For this I created a list of 5 things that were staying in 2017, and then we had a small fire in the backyard to burn the lists in. This is what I wrote

Saying goodbye to 2017 and…
Poor eating habits
Accommodating others over myself
Swear words
Rushing myself
Putting myself down

These things seem to always be situational, so I felt like they can easily be altered.

Poor eating habits: I find that all throughout the year and especially during the holiday season I am subjected to so many more opportunities to eat sweets. Whether it be a summer BBQ, a birthday party, a holiday party, or just a night out at the movies, these are all times when the opportunity to eat unhealthy presents itself. This year I am going to remind myself that although there is an opportunity to eat unhealthy, I don’t have to accept it. I can say no, or pass things up from time to time. My problem is that once I start eating a sweet, I don’t want to stop, and the craving lingers for days after, so the habit sticks around for a while.

Accommodating others over myself: I find that I often accommodate other people to make sure their having a good time, or enjoying themselves, but I don’t consider my own feelings and opinions. I will go and do whatever the group wants or whatever the person is wanting just so that I’m not the one rocking the boat. I think it’s time to be a little more selfish in a good way, and make sure to only do things when they feel right for me!

Swear words: When I am trying to express something that carries more weight than a typical conversation I often chose to add a swear word into the sentence. There are so many other words in the English language that can carry as much weight and be used instead! Being lady like is always a good idea, and swear words just aren’t part of that equation, or part of my brand!

Rushing myself: I often feel like I should always be using my time to get the most out of my day, and to me that feels like doing as many things I can to feel accomplished. I need to take a step back and realize that relaxing on a Saturday morning and taking it easy can also be a great way to spend my time. Relaxation is a key part of a well balanced life. I can’t always be rushing to the next place, and the next errand, and the next thing to clean. Sitting down to enjoy myself and my family can be productive too!

Putting myself down: This is very circumstantial for me. There are days when I feel great about myself and my life and all of my accomplishments, and then there are others when I don’t. I think thats something we all struggle with. Instead of giving myself a break and focusing on the goal to do better,  I will get down on myself and beat myself up over it. I also do this when I have eaten something I know I shouldn’t, I get negative and feel mad at myself, I call myself fat and ugly and really put myself down! It’s so bad to have negative self-talk, I should be building myself up, and being my biggest cheerleader!

I know i’m not the only one who does these things, or gets into these habits. But making a statement to leave them in the past was the best thing for me to do. It now gives me something to look back on when these old habits start to creep back in, I can flash back to the list and the fire and remember that isn’t me anymore!

I also made a small list of things to resolve in 2018, and I felt like making this list positive and achievable was a must!

2018 Resolutions…..
More green juice
Travel more
Less TV/more books (1 book/month)
Elevate blog & instagram content

What are you leaving behind in 2017? What are you resolving in 2018!


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