Maine Day Trip

This past week my husband and I spent a day in Maine. We are so close to the Maine seacoast since we live on the New Hampshire seacoast. Where we live is gorgeous, and there are so many fun day trips to be able to take and experience so many new places. Heres all the stops we took on our day trip together.


Our first stop along the way was to the Port Hardware store. We wanted to check out bird feeders/houses and snow shovels. We were feeling sorry for the birds that are still around, and thinking they might be cold and hungry. I also has a master plan for the spring and summer! If we put a feeder in the furthest location from our house, and fill it with delicious bird food, we won’t have any birds chirping at our window on a Saturday morning when I want to sleep in!


Our next stop was to Hurlbutt Designs, they have a gorgeous showroom of nautical inspired furniture and decor. Everything was basically my taste! I became so inspired when I was in there, and I have a few projects on my list to do for our home because of it! I love finding new places that are bursting with creativity, and gorgeous design ideas. It makes me feel so excited and creative juices start flowing!


Then we stopped at Antiques On Nine, another amazing place for design inspiration! I am so sorry I didn’t get any pictures of the inside to share, but I was just too excited and it totally left my mind. I did get a great video on my instagram which is featured in my highlights. Head over to @emeraldandonyx to check it out! There were so many amazing pieces and they were having a huge sale!


We then went to downtown Kennebunkport and had to get a picture of the huge Christmas tree! Aren’t they ornaments so adorable! I also love the gigantic lobster at the top of the tree!


Everyone had their windows decorated for beautifully for the holidays!


How cute is this little birdhouse wreath on the exterior of a store front!


I also loved this window display at Day Trip Society Jr. What a great idea to use a embellished buoy on each side of the door to anchor the entrance.



I love the wreaths with red bows, its so New England when they have a little cap of snow on them!


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