Plaid scarfs & nordic boots

Almost all of our snow melted this weekend, and it was warm for a bit! I was able to go outside with only a sweater and a scarf on, and of course my favorite Nordic boots!


I decided to pair this with my fun new glasses. They are totally fake, and all for fun. I don’t need classes and I have always just wanted them for a fun accesory!


This longer tunic sweater was the perfect choice for the day! It’s a soft as can be, covers the bum, and is the perfect mix between comfort and style! I wore this plaid J.Crew Mercantile scarf just to give me a bit of extra warmth, and of course to add some style to this already fabulous look!


Of course these boots are stealing the show! They are the most comfortable Nordic style boots from J.Crew. They are fully fur lined, and can be worn with the ankle fur folded over as I’m wearing them here, or folded up to give your ankle a little more warmth. They come with two choices for lace color. The red, and then a mustard yellow tone. I think the red is the perfect addition to these boots, and give them a bit of a pop. The sole of the shoe is larger, and has the perfect grip for icy and snowy days.


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  1. Crying over your boots; they are the cutest I’ve ever seen! Such a cute look! I’ve never been to Maine (or anywhere in the Northeast), but your pictures make me want to visit! It’s our our US travel list!

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