This colligate LOL sweater was too cute not to get! I am a sucker for J.Crew anything, and had my eye on this for a while. I am always looking for a sale! I just cant bring myself to buy something at full price, when I know in a weeks time there will be some promotion making it the deal of the century!


You know I had to wear these fun new glasses of mine to go with this sweater, making this a very studious look!


These jeans are a go to of mine, from Nordstrom. I love how dark the wash it, I am super picky about dark jeans having dark threading. If a dark jean has a brown or gold threading it bothers me, to me that is just not a true dark jean!


I had to do a cheer pose for this sweater, although I have never been a cheerleader so I don’t know if this is an official pose, but I thought it worked! The material is so soft, and the neckline is doubled up so it looks like a real vintage collegiate sweater. I love it!


You want to know whats not so funny about this sweater? IT WAS ONLY $24 !! I mean really! You know i’m always finding a good deal! Quick go get one now!


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