This tee is the cutest little kiss lips in a pop of red, and they are paired perfectly with these bright red tassel earrings. This is a great casual Valentines outfit!


The striped blue and white looks adorable with this kiss lips in bright red. I have been so into fun graphic t-shirts lately! The red tassel earrings are the perfect compliment to this look! I have been wearing these so much lately. They are super cute, and so light weight. It’s hard to find a good statement earring that isn’t too heavy.


Who doesn’t love a good blue and white striped tee? It’s pretty much what summer dreams are made of. Well at least my summer dreams. I’m just a coastal girl, trying to live and dress coastal!


The most fun about this tee is the little private message in the pocket! I Beg Your Pardon.


Have a great weekend everyone!


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