Ice Castles, NH

On Friday we went to The Ice Castles in Lincoln, NH. It was so cool, and highly recommended for anyone to go!


I highly recommend everyone to buy their tickets online before they go. For us driving from Portsmouth it’s about two hours, and it would have been a major let down to drive all the way there and have them be full. You can buy them in advance online and they are discounted if you do so!


The Castles are divided up into different areas, there is a larger center area that has gigantic ice walls, and these little frozen pieces throughout the ground that all light up in different colors.


From that center area there are arches that you can walk through to get to the other areas. This section was all different little paths that led you around though a small maze.


We thought this was really cool, the colors change from white to blue to green, etc. We were joking around that we were part of the nights watch at the wall. They also had Game of Thrones music playing so it was fitting.


One of the rooms has a huge ice rock in the middle and there is a water feature inside it. The water comes out and does a bunch of different designs and multiple streams go off and cross one another etc. The rock also changes color!


When you arrive you have to sign a waiver, and this is why. There are openings with ice hanging down above them. Nothing fell or came loose when we were there, so don’t be worried, everything seemed very secure.




We choose to go at night because we felt it would make for a cooler experience to see all the lights at night. It was cold, so make sure to dress warm when you are there! We also went down the ice slide, which was so fun! I didn’t get a picture of it because It goes super fast. You can not go with children on your lap, but they do have a smaller slide for little ones that they can go on as much as they want.


They also have these little arch ways that are on a second level, you can stand up there and take a cool picture when the lights are changing colors!

They also have a concession stand of hot chocolate, and cookies, cinnamon buns etc. so if you are looking for a little snack or need to warm up you can. The one thing you have to know is that once you are in the castles you can not leave them and come back in. Once your out, your out. They do not want them to be over crowded and they have time slots for people to arrive so it allows there to only be so many people inside at a time. You do not have to leave at any particular time once you are there and inside, but you probably wouldn’t want to stay longer than two hours. So check out their site, and find a Castle near you! Highly recommended!


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