White on White with Eyelet & Ruffles

I don’t know what I love more, white tops or ruffles, or eyelet. Oh wait, it’s all of them combined into one amazing shirt!


I for one love to have something a little fun in every outfit I wear. But I am not one for majorly bold prints and bright colors. This shirt is speaking my language, but it’s making me blind while doing it.


I love the eyelet and ruffle detail it has. The neutral color of white is perfect for all these little details. If the top was a bright color there would be too much going on, and I probably would have hated it.


The eyelet detail all down the arm is so precious! I love how its a slight balloon style, with a structured cuff that has a small eyelet detail going all the way around it. Also can we just take a moment to love on these crawler earrings! They are my current favorite!


The floppy ruffle detail is the best because it doesn’t make you look broad shouldered. If there was a stiffness to the ruffle you would appear more wide. I love that the fabric lays on the shoulder, and has natural movement to it.


Of course these white jeans are the ultimate go to for spring and summer. I’m just over here counting down the days until I can debate this outfit in public, and not just for a photo shoot. No white jeans before Memorial Day!


These sunglasses have proven to be a perfect go to pair! They are so cute and go with everything! Tortious shell is such an essential pattern to have in your collection!


All the details on this shirt are so sweet and girlie and make my heart flutter. It also can only be worn with loose curls, just saying.


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