Ginger Jar Prints

These prints are the newest addition to our home, and they are hung in our master bedroom, and were a super easy DIY project!

LRG_DSC04708 2_Fotor.jpg

The prints are all of ginger jars with flowers or greenery in them. I chose them for the room because they tie into my favorite blue and white gingham sheets, and white duvet cover. They are also timeless and classy, and go perfectly with the coastal chic decor I have going in my house.

LRG_DSC04710 2_Fotor

The Anemone

LRG_DSC04712 2_Fotor

The Fig Leaf

LRG_DSC04714 2_Fotor

The Carnation

LRG_DSC04709 2_Fotor

The Light Pink Peony

LRG_DSC04711 2_Fotor

The Palm Leaf

LRG_DSC04713 2_Fotor

The Hydrangea

Each of the prints are hand drawn and painted. When you are shopping online you choose the size you would like, and then you are emailed a virtual file which you can take to have printed. The images vary in price, but in general are $10 each. If it is a larger size the price is a bit more. Mine were all $10, and they are so pretty, they are worth every penny!

To start the project (and I don’t have images of this sadly) I chose the 16×20 size, and used painters tape to tape off on the wall exactly that size, and where I would want them each to be hung, I left this for about 5 days. This is a great way to make sure you like something before buying it or hanging it. Once I knew I had liked the scale in the room I was confident in making my purchase of the prints.

I then bought the frames from Michael’s and had the prints printed at a Fed Ex location. I chose to do the poster paper because that allowed them to be more of an art piece and less of a photograph. I wanted them to be matte also so the poster papers the best option. I would say poster paper is a bit of a bad word to use, because it’s not like what you think of a $2 poster from a record store. Its a very quality grade paper that feels thick and is blemish-less. It allows the prints to be clear and the ink dried vibrantly.

Once the spacing was perfect on the wall my husband put in all the screws to make sure they would hang very securely. Then we inserted the photos and hung them with a level to make sure they were perfect!

I think they look gorgeous, what about you?


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