OK so I’m not really in New York, but whenever I wear this sweatshirt I’m in a New York state of mind!


This sweatshirt is so fun, under $50, and has a little flare with the New York graphic. But on the other hand it gives me all the feels with the blue and white theme you all know I love!


These white jeans are a classic pair, and a great fit. They have just the right amount of stretch to be comfortable and easy to wear all day. No one likes a tight jean thats stiff! This girl has things to do and I need to be on the move in comfort and style.

IMG_0573 2

Speaking of comfort these sneakers are so comfortable, and have shocked me because I wasn’t expecting this level of comfort from a under $20 shoe. I love that they are blue and white striped, look great with jeans and shorts, and I think they could even be cute with a dress! They come in the stripes, solids, and in other patterns!


Of course I had to add in my tried and true fedora! This one is basically its twin so you can get one too!


Hold on, I think I just saw a sun beam.. I gtg!

IMG_0572 2



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