Wine about it Wednesday, in my wine tee!


It’s Wednesday, and that means theres only two more alarms! YAY! If you’ve had a bad week and have something to wine about share it here!


If only I was at the beach right now, just relaxing and sipping on some wine… we’ll maybe a coffee to start, it’s only 8am! It was great to have my feet in the sand and take a little walk along to water. I had to carry my new favorite shoes because there as no way I wanted these babies to get dirty!


This tee is adorable, and I love how it’s almost a tone on tone combination. It looks great with white jeans, but also adorable with a pair of jean shorts! It’s the perfect tee for a fun spring or summer day out on the town. Also who wouldn’t want to wear this to a vineyard and have a little picnic outside!

I’ve linked a few other fun wine tees here and here.


These white jeans have proven to be the best white jeans under $100 I have ever owned! They are always the pair I go for! They have the perfect amount of stretch, and are not see through at all! I know some people are worried about white jeans because they think they will spill and ruin them. Trust me I spill! But I use this to wash them in which gets them bright white again every time!


I LOVE this black and white ribbon detail on these shoes! How cute?


Ladies don’t forget a fedora! They are perfect with everything and protect your face from the sun. Here are some of my favorites! This one is under $60 and has a black ribbon! This one is a splurge with an adorable gingham ribbon, and this one is a save with a little stripes!


Cheers to the half way point in the week!



  1. Love this whole look! Perfect for a cool day at the beach or really anywhere casual. Thanks for the inspiration šŸ’•

  2. Sometimes I wish I lived on the beach. Its truly relaxing.

  3. Yes, there is nothing more relaxing than the sound of the waves crashing. I love to come here just for a walk!

  4. Oh no! Nothing worse than rain, but I’d love to be in London instead of my beach right now!

  5. Great post, one of my favorite places to be at the beach. I love it. Thank you for sharing

  6. Thanks girl! I thought they went well together. I just love the ribbon on the shoes too!

  7. Thank you! Sometimes you just have to have fun with your clothes!

  8. Yes! Thats the perfect reason for you to get a pair! Love them!!

  9. annridermedia

    the hat and ribbon on the shoes!!! cute details!!!

  10. Lindsey Puls

    That is such a fun tee! I love it!

  11. Love this shirt so much. Im heading to mexico tommorow and i absolutely cant wait to feel the sand in between my toes and drank alot of margaritas šŸ™‚

  12. themathomdrawer

    Those shoes are so freaking cute! I could wear them with almost anything!

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