Varsity Jacket: Hunter for Target

In the spirit of a team and in honor of this varsity jacket I would just like to say that this Hunter for Target collaboration has been one of my favorites in a long time!

I would like it to be known that I was on the fence about this jacket when I first tried it on. I felt like it was more sporty than my normal “look” and I wasn’t sure if it was good for me. I am honored that the overwhelming majority of you said that I can totally rock a varsity jacket, and that they love this hunter green color on me! I appreciate it!

I would also like it to be known that this jacket is still in stock, and is pairing beautifully with the color on color Sonja Morgan moment that I am sharing right now. At first I was on the fence, but after a few stares in the mirror I realized that tone on tone is V chic and I can totally pull it off. I would say this tank is one of my favorite pieces from the collection. Not only is it a great quality fabric, it is a great fit, and has the high neck that I love on a tank!

This jacket is going to be a great piece for spring layering, and winning a gold star for the fall season as well. This color and weight is the perfect tone to wear with dark jeans, and to be layered over a light sweater. I love that it has the striped cuff detail on the sleeves as well as the neckline.

To really show the versatility of this collaboration it was only right for me to share my backpack with you all. If you follow me on instagram you will already know it is nearly impossible to buy this backpack anymore based on how popular they were. I’m sorry I can’t link it for you, but I have found a similar one here and here that you can shop!

These white jeans might not be from the Hunter collaboration, but they are ultra comfy and a major go to of mine! I also love these sneakers because they go with virtually everything! I just wore them with a dress in one of my more recent posts, and they are great with white jeans too!


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