I hope I’m not the only one who loves a good white top! It also must be said that there is a major difference between a white top and a white tee…. let me explain!

If you’ve been following me for a a while now you will know that I love a good white top, and there is a strong enfaces on the word top over the word tee. A white top can take you so many places. They are appropriate for work, play, brunch, dinner, drinks, a formal event with a great pair of trousers, etc. etc. A white tee is also great, but intended for much different purposes. Like casual walks, weekend errands, a less dress day. All in all white is the perfect choice for pretty much anything!

This white top is one of my favorites because it has all of my favorite things combined. It’s white so we have color, it is eyelet printed, and has ruffles. These three things combined make for the ultimate top! Here is another favorite white top of mine, and here and here!

I’ve paired it with these amazing jeans, and this more than perfect trench coat. I have worn this coat so many times since buying it. It’s the perfect color to compliment any outfit, and is a great weight for seasonal transitions.

I’ve paired this look with these fun earrings because they are light weight, and add a great pop of color.

These wedges are a go to of mine, and I’ve tagged a few other favorites, here, here and here.


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