It may shock you as much as it shocked me, but my Jord Watch is made from wood, and it is absolutely gorgeous! I am so excited to be partnering with Jord Wood Watches to allow one of my readers to win $100 toward their very own Jord Watch!

I have to say this gold and white combination is my absolute favorite! I love how it matches with everything I wear, and is so light weight. If you all have been following me for a while you know I have an obsession for all things white, so it was only right for me to have Cassia in Zebra & Ivory.

I love how unique this watch is, and the story I get to tell about it every time I receive a compliment. JORD makes unique watches, crafted by hand from woods all over the world. They also offer custom watch engraving to personalize any gift! Its a perfect options for Father’s Day!

It has a metal core that is incased by wood, and has a wood band that is held together with metal links, mine being gold tone of course!

I love the Roman numeral dial, because it makes the watch that much more unique, and the crystal sapphire dome that covers the gorgeous ivory face makes for the perfect timepiece.

This watch is also available in 3 additional color ways, but JORD has over 50 watch options including Apple Watch compatible bands!




Ebony & Sable                                Walnut & Vintage Rose                           Olive & Agean Blue


Now you can enter to win $100 towards your very own watch or watch band! And hey, if you’re not the lucky winner, which I know you will be, you’ll still get an exclusive discount code to shop with! So everyone’s a winner at Emerald & Onyx!



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  1. emeraldandonyx

    Mine too! I LOVE mine, it’s so comfortable and goes with everything!

  2. Jord watches are one of my faves lately

  3. emeraldandonyx

    YES girl! Great idea! I want a second one too! I love them!

  4. emeraldandonyx

    YES! I agree, the watches are gorgeous and the story behind them makes them that much more special.

  5. /

    Just entered and so excited! I’m starting my giveaway this week but now I’m excited because maybe I’ll win and then I can order the other color I want hehe! Love this post!

  6. Sara

    Love JORD! Such an amazing company and your watch is beautiful!

  7. emeraldandonyx

    So cute, and comfortable to wear! Make sure you enter the contest, you can get your very own and we can be twins!

  8. emeraldandonyx

    Thanks girl! It is my favorite thing right now! I love the gold and white combination! Make sure to enter to win $100 towards your own!

  9. Blair

    This looks gorgeous!

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