On Friday we went into the city to walk around and enjoy the weather. It was great to have such a gorgeous day to walk around and enjoy ourselves. Let me show you what we did!

We first went to Eataly, and it was so much fun! There is a counter for everything you can possibly think of. If you want fresh fish, meat, fresh made pasta, cured meats, rotisserie meats, cheeses, focaccia breads, gelato, pastry, cannoli making station, theres everything! It’s stepping into a grocery store on steroids, and it’s all Italian.  It’s like taking all the best foods and putting them in the same place and than having to choose between all of them.

On top of all of these counters there is a full grocery store of everything and anything you can think of. Fresh fruit and vegetables, pastas, cheeses, pesto, kitchen utensils, infused honeys, fresh bread sticks, coffee, tea, literally everything!


On top of all of that there are multiple restaurants set up inside, and they are all themed so you can order different things at each place. We went to the pizza and pasta restaurant that has brick ovens for wood fired pizzas.

We ordered a cheese board to start, and we chose to add olives, and artichokes, plus the fresh house made mozzarella. It was so delicious.

We ordered pizzas also, but of course I didn’t get a picture of them because they looked so good we just went right for them… sorry guys

As if your experience in “Italy” wasn’t enough, when you go to leave there is a Bocce ball court outside with a mini gelato truck, and an Aperol Spritz stand where you can get a drink and have a game of Bocce  before heading to your next activity.

Next we headed into Beacon Hill to take some photos and to walk around a bit. There are so many gorgeous brownstones in this area it’s hard not to take pictures of all of them!

Acorn St. Beacon Hill, MA

This little flower shop in Beacon Hill is so gorgeous and it fills the window boxes of so many of the brownstones in the area, and they are all gorgeous. What did you do this weekend?



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