Today is all about clutter. Not just physical clutter the you can see, but the clutter you can’t see, both stuffed into your drawers and closets, but also mental clutter. Let me explain.

We all think about going through the old to make room for the new. But we never think about how getting rid of things we don’t use or need can go a step further to not just the physical items we have, but the mental clutter we hold onto in our brains. Worry, doubt, friendships that we know aren’t right for us, relationships that take more out of you than they give you. It’s a lot to think about, but theres someone in all of our lives that we dread picking up the phone for, or meeting for coffee, but we do it because we feel like it’s the right thing to do. Well who do you live for, yourself or others?

If you live for others this cycle will never change. But if you live for yourself than you can put your foot down and make a change! No is a powerful word, and you don’t always have to be available at all times for all people, if something doesn’t work for you a simple “no thank you” is all you need to say!

I have also become a big proponent on no (period). One of the biggest mental clutterers is the no, because explanation reply. YOU ARE AN ADULT! YOU DON’T NEED TO GIVE A REASON! No means no, isn’t that what your mom always told you, and that’s just how it was? Well now your the adult and you don’t need to fill your head with the stress of giving a reason. Will the person think it’s a good enough reason, will they be mad, feel left out if you have plans with others? Now that stress is gone a simple no can change your mental clutter forever!

Now let me touch on physical clutter. It’s a major stressor in all of our lives, if you can see it, or you know about it then you are subconsciously letting this take up space in your mind. From the outside looking in your house may have everything neat and tidy, but if you open a drawer of a cabinet and it’s like the flood gates then you still have clutter!

The average American has over 7,000 items in their home that they do not need or use. Can you even believe this? Im going to help you to remove this clutter form your space. First you need 3 piles, boxes, bags, whatever you can do to stay organized, one of them needs to be a black plastic bag or a brown box. This darker none see through container is the donate bag/box. Then you need a trash, and a sell bag/box/pile. The donate bag/box needs to be darker in color so once it’s placed in there it doesn’t come back out. Notice how there is not a maybe pile. This is because you don’t need one. If you hold something in your hand and within 30 seconds you don’t say you need it then you don’t need it! Trash or sell!

Go through a space in your house and have it done before moving to a new space. Start with your office like I did, this is where you need the clean slate. If you have physical and mental clutter in your office you cant focus on work and accomplishing tasks well. All you can see is clutter and all you can feel is stress.

Going through one space at a time is the best way to make it happen, it won’t overwhelm you. If the room itself overwhelms you because of the amount of things to go through start with smaller areas in the room. A closet on Monday, a dresser on Tuesday, a cabinet on Wednesday.. break it all up. A little bit each day can help make a huge difference!

Stay focused and remember why you started. Just think there are 7,000 things in your home that you don’t need! Even if you got rid of 500 of them it’s a step in the right direction and you’ll feel more motivated to continue when you see your progress!

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