I’m starting from the very beginning and sharing every detail from my trip. Today it’s all about my stay at the The Kensington Hotel in South Kensington, London!

We loved staying at The Kensington Hotel because it was not only gorgeous inside and out, but it was walking distance to Kensington Station, and had the most adorable neighborhood with so much to do and explore. Here are some photos from outside the hotel.

This is the hotel from the street, it’s a gorgeous large white building that has steps up into a little indoor/outdoor entrance. There is a whimsical Alice in Wonderland Vibe to the outside of the hotel.

There’s an old piano outside that is covered in grass and moss and flowers.

It has planted boxwood on the top and above that floating music notes and a trumpet.

On either side of the entry when you walk up the steps there are two areas with built in seating, where you can wait for a taxi, have a cup of tea, or sip on a drink at night. Each area had these large mirrors on the back wall, and a large glass window feature on the sides so you are protected if it happened to be rainy. I loved the black and white stripes on the cushions and the Tiffany blue pillows.

This is the opposite side at night that has this adorable bike with the hotels logo on it.

This is the outside at night, and you can see how playful it looks with all of the greenery and music notes. It really ties into the feel of the inside, which has a lot of old and new mixed in such a way that blends so well together.

This large elephant structure is right there as you walk into the hotel, you walk in from the left of this photo, and where i’m standing taking it is at the reception desk. If you continue from that room it leads you into the lounge.

I loved seeing this everyday. The hotel is so beautifully decorated, with gorgeous wallpapers, and art work. It was full of amazingly detailed pillows, velvets and leather, marble table and crystal chandeliers, gorgeous fireplaces and moldings everywhere. It has vintage furniture mixed with newer pieces, and of course flowers everywhere! They also have amazing mirrors in every area.

From there you are leaded into another large room that has a fire place and seating areas, you can sit in here to do work, have breakfast, drinks etc.

This was my favorite seating area, the velvet on this couch was a light light greenish gray color, it was absolutely everything! I also loved the lighting that came in from the windows, and the ginger jars in each window sill. It made me happy every time I saw it. I just had to share three pictures of it because it was that good.

Then you are lead through to the official breakfast and dinner area, which is full of built-ins and large crown moldings, and beautiful velvet banquettes and chairs, and more ginger jars, and fabulous pillows. It was a the most beautiful decor.

The Acai bowl I ate every day!

Avocado toast with roasted tomato.

Eggs Benedict on gluten free toast.


Then there is a bar in the center of all of this that felt like you stepped into a private club lounge that was very regal and full of luxury.

There were small seating areas of course with gorgeous velvets and mirrored glass tables. The photos were mostly of a sporting activity, whether it be hunting, fishing, baseball, shooting etc.

The bar surround was a copper metal with velvet panels overlaying it.

The lighting and wood ceiling was stunning. There wasn’t one detail overlooked.

There is an area that is off of the elevators that leads you to the bathrooms and then down to the gym, and it was fully covered with this wallpaper, even the ceiling. And then had dark green painted trim and doors and molding in the entire space.

When you leave the elevator there is this textural art piece of a Polar bear that was so interesting. It was paper mâché, tassels, woven string, all placed together to create the bear. It was one of my favorite things in the hotel. I will be sharing so much more of the trip this week, but if you cant wait and want to see more, head to the highlights on my instagram page to watch my stories from some of the days we had in London.


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