Smile Fearlessly with Smile Brilliant’s at home teeth whitening kit!

If you’re like me, you wake up every morning and shuffle your way into the kitchen for a cup of coffee, it’s how I start my day every single day, and because of that I needed to whiten my teeth!

Luckily Smile Brilliant came to the rescue, and now I can enjoy my morning coffee and not think about the stains they may be causing to my teeth. After using my whitening trays to remove the stains and see the lasting results I know I can always go back to my trays whenever I need to refresh my smile.

When you receive your kit you make your custom trays, you use the step by step guide to make a mold around your teeth, it takes under 5 minutes for the tops and bottoms. You send off your molds in a prepaid envelope back to Smile Brilliant and they send you back your custom whitening trays and a case to store them in. It’s such a simple process! Here are some photos from when I made my molds!

Make sure to read all the instructions before you start the process, have everything ready to go!

Roll one container of Base Paste and one container of Catalyst Paste into a ball.

Then start folding them together (read the instructions for timing as this is a time sensitive step)

Keep folding the two together until all of the white is gone.

Form the new mixture into the plastic tray provided.

Now it’s time to create your mold!

Place the tray inside your mouth, press up and hold! (this is time sensitive as well, make sure to read all instructions before you begin)

The trays are amazing, the fit like a glove on my teeth because they created from my exact smile! It’s so nice to have these custom whitening traysbecause they don’t slide off! I have used whitening strips in the past and they slide down my teeth, or bunch up on the back of my teeth when wearing them. They take longer to see results, make my teeth more sensitive, and my teeth don’t stay white for very long. The custom trays change all of that. They stay into place, are comfortable, and you don’t have any oozing gel, they make the whitening process so easy because you don’t even know they are on. I was whitening my teeth the other day and my husband came home from work, we had a full 30 minute conversation and I said hold on I need to take off my trays and put on the desensitizing gel, he was like what? You have your trays in? It was hysterical that he had no idea!

When using the trays all I did was place a small bit of whitening gel into them, (follow the instruction guide in the kit) and put them on over my teeth, top and bottom. I left them on for 45 minutes and then followed the instructions for the desensitizing gel. This to me is a game changed in the whole whitening process. You leave this on for about 15 minutes and then rinse your trays off and your done! The desensitizing gel is the best, I had noticed in the past when using the strips that me teeth became sensitive after a few times of using them. This never happened with Smile Brilliant.

I am so excited to have teamed up with Smile Brilliant and to giveaway a $149 credit towards your very own whitening kit! Your never fully dressed without a smile, so why not make it a bright white one! Look at my amazing results! Now it’s your chance to whiten your smile!


Must submit name and email address on the giveaway page in order to enter! The winner will be selected and contacted via email in 2 weeks. Giveaway is for $149 credit and is open internationally. 


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