Bumpkin was my favorite place we ate at the entire time in London. I wish I went there everyday to eat, and I can’t wait to go back there!

The Fish and Chips were so crispy and light, and perfectly seasoned. It came with a side of peas, which is traditional in London, but they had the best ones. They seemed to be lightly pan fried which made them more crispy.

I got the muscles. They were served in a big black pot, and you use one side for the shells. The muscles were flavored with a wine sauce and thinly sliced onions, but also had small cut up chunks of sausage throughout it. They were amazing!

Then we all ordered the sticky toffee pudding, because I had heard they have the best one around, and of course it was everything I had expected and more! In London a pudding is a moist cake. This one in particular is steamed, so it is warm inside. The cake is flavored with cinnamons, and nutmeg, and other warmer seasonings. The cake sits atop a sticky toffee syrup and has a large scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. When you cut into it steam comes pouring out of the cake and you get the most delicious scent of the winter spices. It is absolutely delicious!

I loved the feeling inside the restaurant, the atmosphere was an elevated casual style that felt like you were sitting inside someones comfy living room or library just relaxing.

There were mixes of printed wallpaper and decorative wood paneling. A mix of leather booths and velvet chairs, lots of fresh sunflowers, and large windows to let in so much natural light.

They also have a bar you can sit at, and a small outdoor patio to sit outside for dinner or drinks.


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