I am so happy we visited Peggy Porschen Cakes while in London. It was the most adorable cake shop I have ever been to, the entire outside is pink and covered in flowers, with outdoor seating. It was like walking into a magical tea party!

The entire exterior is pink and as soon as we pulled up in the cab I got overly excited!

There are flowers hanging all over the building in multiple different colors, and varieties. It’s such a beautiful place to stop and get a treat and have some tea!

The interior is very playful and whimsical, and it feels like you are entering a magical garden party from a childhood nursery rhyme. You can see from the window that there is a wait to get in. I think we arrived at the perfect time of day, right around 3pm, so the after lunch crowd was gone, and the afternoon tea crowd was just starting to arrive. We did have to wait about 20 minutes to get our table, but I was ok with that, and it was so worth it!

All of the treats are absolutely gorgeous and not one single thing is out of place. They all look perfect, and are decorated to a T. The cupcakes and cakes have the perfect ratio of cake to frosting, this to me is very important because I hate when you have too much frosting.

My husband got the vanilla cloud cake, and it was topped with a vanilla macaroon.

He has a latte also.

I ordered the Summer Berry Cupcake, and the Summer Berry Tea.

The Summer Berry Cupcake is a sponge cake baked with berries inside, topped with a berry frosting and an injectable heart that is filled with berry compote that you can squeeze to inject the cupcake so it has this delicious burst of flavor inside it.

Of course I wanted to sit outside because it was a gorgeous day, and the exterior is so enchanting.




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