Incorporating dry shampoo into my beauty routine was an addition I never knew I need.

For years before dry shampoo came out I used to use baby powder in my hair to help it last a day longer. I would put some in between the palms of my hands and rub them together then finger my hands through my hair to cover my roots. This would help give me one extra day without having to wash my hair.

When dry shampoo came out all I ever thought was oh big deal its exactly what i’m already doing just in a spray version. Who needs it? Well I finally caved and bought a bottle and am happy I did!

It’s a much cleaner application, which helps make getting ready much easier. When using the baby powder there was a lot of powder that would end up wasted and in the bathroom sink, and all over the counter. I would have to clean up after using it. With the spray its directed right at your roots and you can just spray it and go with no clean up.

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