This past weekend we went to CT for my cousins wedding on Friday. We spent our Saturday at Lyman Orchards picking out fresh, organic fruit! This orchard has it all, every kind of apple you can think of, peaches, pears, asian pears, a full corn maze thats 2 miles long, a bakery, a grocery store, all the specialty pies and pot pies you can think of. Jellies, and dips, and sauces all using their fruit. A full grill to have lunch, a kettle corn tent, etc. etc. etc.

I figured I would try out my pose for RHONY because we all know they are looking for a new housewife. Not sure I am close enough to do that, but I could always move right? This is a gala apple which I ended up eating!

We started picking green apples, because these are my husbands favorite. We filled a bag that was enough for him to take one everyday with lunch, and then have some to eat with peanut butter for a snack.

We brought our own paper bags to fill up, but the farm hands out bags for everyone to take with them into the orchards. This was 3.70LBS of apples at $1.75/LB. All of the apples are priced at $1.75 expect of course for my favorites Honey Crisp.

The Honey Crisp apples are $2.35/LB they are the best apple I have ever had, and if you have never had a Honey Crisp you need to ASAP! They are so crisp and juicy and crunchy. My sister had never had one, and while sampling the fruit as we went she gave it a try and said OMG this is sooo good. I bought 8.35/LB of Honey Crisps! Sorry I don’t have a picture of them close up.

We also picked peaches. They were $1.85/LB and I bought 2.75LBS. Just enough to have a few for snack, and make a little cobbler.

We took some selfies while in the orchard, this one is with my sister Francesca!

Here is one with Francesca, and my husband William. We always take a selfie when we are together, we call each other “the kids”.


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