I recently shared an Amazon haul on insta stories with you all, and it featured some of the accessories I recently purchased for my AirPods, and some other favorites of mine. 

My AirPods are one of my favorite things, and it is the one piece of technology I think everyone needs to own. The days of cords are over, and you can be free to go about life while talking and not have the get caught on anything.

My corded headphones used to get caught on the cabinet pulls in my kitchen, the door knobs in my house, the shifter in my car. I would have to take them on and off to add a sweater or scarf to an outfit, and the worst part was having to carry my phone around with my in my hand wherever I went throughout my house. That has all changed. I can have my phone on the table and my AirPods in my ear and be going about my day through my house and now worry about a thing.

The AirPods I have are from the Apple store, but lucky for you you can buy them with Amazon Prime straight from Apple. I have them linked here along with everything else I have recently purchased from Amazon!

Happy shopping!


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