Everything you need for the perfect guest room decor.

In our guest room my goal was to keep it light, bright, and calming. The decor I chose for this dresser are the perfect pieces to do just that. I chose this wall art mainly because of the colors and shape. I wanted something serene and not too distracting. I also loved the blue in it because the headboard in this room has blues. I felt it was best to choose something with a white mat board behind it to draw the brightness up the wall. White will always make a space feel brighter and bigger. The frame on this art ties in perfectly to this wicked tray basket I am using to hold my favorite lifestyle book, and this amazing crystal formation. The lamps are the prefect texture for just a touch of detail to add interest to their white glaze. I love that they have a neutral but slightly darker lamp shade, it gives you a change of texture and color but isn’t too harsh. This all stays within the serene and peaceful theme I was going for.

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